OsiriX requires MacOS 10.8 to 10.11
and a minimum of 6GB of RAM - 10GB recommended

What's new in version 7.0.3?

  • 44 improvements, including:
    • Graphic pipeline: full 32-bit bi-cubic high quality interpolation on GPU
    • High quality and adaptable lens (shift key, and arrows)
    • Multi-threaded PACS-On-Demand, if there are multiple DICOM nodes
    • Multi-threaded DICOM files parsing: up to 2 times faster on SSD systems
    • New plugin type: report plugins
    • WebPortal: Temporary links for patients
    • WebPortal: Upload PDF, PNG, JPEG, ... to a study
    • WebPortal: search by dates / modality
    • ROI lines ratio
    • Support for DICOM Presentation States
    • Support for Photos (instead of iPhoto)
    • Support Microsoft Word 2016
    • XML-RPC: support messages through GET and POST
    • Built-in update system

  • New report plugins for OsiriX MD:
    • BI-RADS report plugin
    • TAVI report plugin
    • PI-RADS report plugin
    • Liver report plugin
    • Coronary Angiography report plugin

  • 27 bugs corrected
  • 8 crashes corrected

OsiriX Software

OsiriX MD 64-bit, FDA-Cleared / CE certified for medical imaging,
full version with all features, load unlimited number of images:

OsiriX MD

Download OsiriX Lite (free lite version): OsiriX Lite.dmg


Download the OsiriX application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: OsiriX Mobile
(Online Manual)


Extra-Files and Examples

For Developers

Learn & Download the complete source code of OsiriX: OsiriX Developers Site

Did you encounter a bug? Want to report this bug?
Read this document for a crash on MacOS.

Read this document for a crash on iPhone/iPad.

And send it to:

System requirements
- MacOS X 10.8 or higher.
- Intel processor
For best performance:
- 6 GB of RAM if you plan to open more than 800 images (CT & MRI, PET-CT).
- 8 GB of RAM for more than 1500 images (multi-slice CT & PET-CT) with OsiriX-64 bit.
- 12 GB of RAM for more than 3000 images (cardiac or functional imaging) with OsiriX-64 bit.